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Looking for the ultimate and lightweight carrying case for your parrot?

Made with stainless steel mesh and Nylon, this carrying case is perfect for hiking, bike riding, travel and strolling. Lisa will help guide you to ensure the perfect fit for your loved one.

Additional colors are available for $80.00 per piece. ($50.00 custom color/$30.00 cut fee)

Standard colors are yellow/gold and olive green

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Knowing Your Pak-O-Bird

Materials/Colors:   Both the surface material and lining are made of 100% nylon with polyurethane coating on both sides.   They are strong synthetic fabrics with water repellent property.   The surface material is a high denier luggage grade fabric for better wear and tear.    Our stock colors are olive green and gold, both were tested by birds as acceptable colors.   If you have a super skittish bird, try the olive green color.

The “Skylight”

Mesh :  All birds pick and many chew.   Beginning late 2015, we only make the carrier with stainless steel mesh.   Nylon mesh is a customization option.

Mesh Visibility:

Ventilation and Visibility   Pak-o-Bird has a large mesh area on three sides, two “skylight” strips on most sizes or another large mesh area on larger sizes in the back .   A dense stainless steel mesh is mosquitoes proof and for handling some amount of bird picking and chewing.   It has 54.8% opening, offering good ventilation and visibility.

Privacy:   Except for the two skylight strips, Pak-o-Bird can be covered completely by lowering the side curtains and the front window flap.

Carrying Method:   Pak-o-Bird can be carried in the front, on the back as well as on the shoulder.   Hook the straps onto the middle two triangular rings for backpack or the two outer rings for front carrier.

Entertainment and Chewing Issue:   Hang a bird toy to the two D-rings on each interior side support panel and tie it in place to the small rings on the floor perpendicular to the D-rings.   This may help to keep the bird occupied and from chewing the carrier.   For big chewers, add the wide panel set to cover the carrier’s front mesh zipper and seam.

Food and Water:   Each Pak-o-Bird comes with two 5-oz. stainless steel cups for food and water.   A large grommet is added on one side for inserting the dispensing valve of a water bottle strapped from the outside.

Cleaning and Storage:   The carrier can be unzipped and open up flat for a complete cleaning and storage.   For daily cleaning, you can simply open up the bottom without the need to take out any attaching pieces.

Safety Features :  Two loops in the back allow the Pak-o-Bird to be strapped to a car seat belt.   All zippers have an auto-lock device to prevent accidental escape.   Two reflective strips on the carrier allow it to be visible at night.

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Structure:  A pair of semi-rigid plastic panels provide the central support. They are attached by snap buttons and velcro strips from the lower front over the roof to the upper back of the carrier. Additional plastic and aluminum inserts are added inside in strategic areas to hold up the carrier.

Maintenance:   Plastic warps with weight over time. When the carrier is not in use, unzip the entire carrier, detach the support panels and store it in a flat configuration.   Please note that creases created in the stainless steel mesh are not reversible, try to roll the mesh smoothly and avoid bending it.

Compressible Airline Carrier

Compressibility and In-Cabin Airline Travel   Check out our In-Cabin Airline Carrier.   Remember to check with the airline first as not all airlines accept birds.   Each airline has their specific dimensional requirements.   We design the Airline Bird Carrier to meet the airlines’ requirements.   Its sturdy but flexible support structure allow the carrier to be compressed downward to maximize the various height available underneath the airplane seat, usually about 9” to 12” depends upon the plane model.   A folded tail pouch can be extended for extra tail room if needed.   For long trips, put in sufficient food and dispense water from the strap water bottle strapped in the outside.

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Outsmarting the bird?   Repair Service  We must say that we have not out-smarted the birds and doubt if we ever can.   As the birds observe what we do, try to park the zipper up high as the birds are not likely to arch backward trying to open the carrier to come to you. We saw a lot of chewing around the lower center front opening where we tend to park the zipper. Another Common area that birds pick on are inside strip near the cups.   This damage does not affect the structural integrity of the carrier. Celleti offer repairs for a modest fee.

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Pak-o-Bird XS Size- compact and secure bird travel carrier. Small bird such as keet/plet


Pak-o-Bird Small Size- Meyers/Caique size


Pak-o-Bird Medium Size- Small too/ Timneh grey/ NON chewing Congo grey


Pak-o-Bird Modified Medium for Congo African Greys that like to CHEW!


Pak-o-Bird ML Size – First made for the very determined Umbrella Cockatoos


Pak-o-Bird Wide ML Size for lovely Toucans


Pak-o-Bird Large Size – First made for the cuddly Moluccan Cockatoos


Pak-o-Bird XL Sizes for the Wonderful Macaws


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Surface Fabric:1680-Denier Nylon

(L x W x H):
13 or 15 x 12 x 18 inches
(33.0 or 38.1 x 30.5 x 45.7 cm)
Weight: 4.4 or 4.7 lbs (9.7 or 10.3 kg)
Accessories Weight: Two Stainless Steel cups 10 oz (1.4 kg)
One Dragon Wood Perch 5 to 15 oz (0.7 to 2.0 kg)
Perch/Bar Positions: 1.5″, 6″, 8″ and 10″ above floor
(3.8 cm, 15.2 cm, 20.3 cm and 25.4 cm above floor)
Cup Position: 10″ (25.4 cm) above floor toward the front
Water Bottle / Treat hole Position: 10″ (25.4 cm) above floor toward the back on one side only (Water bottle is sold separately)
Lining: Grey color Nylon
Mesh Type: Stainless Steel
Trims: Black color; reflective tape in silver/white color
Detachable Parts Included:
  • One pair of front/backpack strap 8 oz (1.1 kg)
  • One shoulder strap 3 oz (0.4 kg)
  • One pair of plastic support panels 6 oz (0.8 kg)
  • One roof support bar 2 oz (0.3 kg)
  • One detachable plastic floor panel 3 oz (0.4 kg)
  • Two 5 oz stainless steel cups 5 oz (0.7 kg)
  • One dragon wood perch 5 to 15 oz (0.7-2.0 kg)
    (Standard size included is around 1″ or 2.54 cm diameter)
Manufactured Made in USA  (Brooklyn, NY)
Material Sources Most materials are sourced from US suppliers. Countries of Origin include USA, Canada, Taiwan, China, Turkey and India.
Warranty One year warranty that covers all manufactured parts and pieces but NOT any damage inflicted by the pets, such as tearing, staining or chewing and, wear and tear from normal use.
Regular Care Do not bend the stainless steel mesh and keep it smooth to avoid permanent creases and breakages. Clean regularly, please.
  • Fabrics are coated; it is easy to water hose off dropping and crumbs daily
  • Hand wash with bird safe cleaning products
  • Air dry; do not use dryer
U.S. Patent No: D551,810