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Miss Maya from  Wyoming  enjoying her hand picked Java tree.

Aki & Lola from Hollywood, Florida

 Willie finds her new foot toy

                                        Susan got her cage from TPP

Tooby & Red sharing a toy

Pedro with his birdybagel

Rocket is showing off his magnificant feathers because of foods from TPP

 Baby Kiwi learning to eat. Mom weighs him with a scale from TPP!

Brodie relaxing on his Java stand

Murphy resides in a luxurious King’s cage purchased through TPP

Jellybean from Florida looking beautiful.

Emma enjoing  Gini’s Birdybread- A Platinum Parrot Exclusive!

Gordon is our little celebrity as he was interviewed for the local paper

Miranda from Maryland swinging on her perch

Sweetie in his castle

Socs from Maryland on his hoop swing

Paco’s mom is happy that Volkmans is available locally for her little blue mutation Plet, Paco

Poppins from Virginia loving her dog tag toy~

Miss Nelly loves her pine nuts!!

Selena on her Waynes Bottle Brush stand

More Herb Salad PLEEEASE!

Little Lola enjoys her Asian Medley from TPP!